Fill Toilet Clean


Cleans efficiently, removes odours and dirt.

Eco-friendly. Fill Clean Repeat.

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Natural ingredients

Single use plastic free

Sustainable packaging


100% Vegan



  • cleans and refreshes
  • eco-friendly
  • scented (Eucalypt) or unscented
  • biodegradable
  • dye free
  • vegan
  • refillable
  • scented product contains essential oils
  • made in Great Britain
  • plastic free delivery
Additional information

Additional information


Eucalypt, Unscented


glass bottle, 500ml


above 5 degrees

Product categorie

Clean Home, Puhas vannituba


dye free clear liquid, dye free, clear liquid

How to Use

How to Use

Pour into bowl & under rim. Leave to soak. Scrub with loo brush. Flush.




Contains amongst other ingredients less than 5% non-ionic surfactants, essential oils.

Contains: aqua, lactic acid, citric acid, essential oils (scented product), alcohol etoxylate, caprylyl glycoside, xanthan gum, peg-20 sorbitan oleate

How to Refill

How to Refill

Order empty bottle return, we clean and refill the bottle and send it back to use. That’s how we keep the planet greener!

About Fill Brand

About Fill Brand

Fill is a family operated company from the UK which has been created with the aim of creating cleaning and household products with no harsh chemicals which reduce plastic packaging waste, making it easier to create a lower waste home. Fill products are made by real chemists combining their expertise in creating effective non-toxic cleaning products with their drive to create straightforward eco products which help to protect our planet.