Noout All-Round Starter Set


Sustainable eco-friendly cleaning set – an easy way to cut down plastic waste at home

Set includes:

3 x Recycled bottle

2 x Bathroom cleaning tablets

2 x Glass cleaning tablets

2 x Multi universal cleaning tablets


Natural ingredients

Single use plastic free

Sustainable packaging


100% Vegan



  • cleans effectively
  • eco-friendly
  • no microplastics and preservatives
  • scented (lemon)
  • biodegradable
  • colour with food colorants. This makes it easy to differentiate the tablets.
  • 100% vegan
  • refillable
  • no essential oils, no allergens
  • bottle is made of recycled plastic
  • made in EU
Additional information

Additional information




3 x 500ml recycled plastic


above 5 degrees

Product categorie

Clean Home


Food colorants – blue, Food colorants – pink, Food colorants – yellow

How to Use

How to Use

1 tablet = 1 bottle of 500ml cleaning liquid in reusable bottle.

  1. Fill the bottle with lukewarm tap water
  2. Drop the tablet into the bottle
  3. Wait until the tablet dissolves
  4. Close the spray cap and start cleaning

Noout bottles are made of 100% recycled plastic and need to buy it just once, but they last for life.

Next time, you only need a smaall but powerful tablet and tap water.



Citric acid: Effectively removes dirt and limestone, yet gentle on the surfaces. Also regulates PH value and softens the tap water. 
Anionic surfactants: The active cleaning substances that do not leave any residue. Obviously biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
Food colorants: Colorants do not affect the cleaning power and does not leave any residue. This makes it easy for you to differentiate the tablets. And you do have to admit, it looks nicer in colours.
Fragrances: Noout uses allergen-free, mild, refreshing scents that make your home smell clean and pleasant. 
Sodium: Ensures that the tablet dissolves in the water. 
How to Refill

How to Refill

To refill the bottle:

1. Fill the bottle again with lukewarm tap water
2. Drop the new tablet into the bottle
3. Wait until the tablet dissolves
4. Close the spray cap and start cleaning


Noout Brand

Noout Brand

Noout is an eco-friendly home cleaning brand created in Saaremaa, Estonia. Small water soluble cleaning tablets are a sustainable new way for cleaning ones home. Why transport water if it runs for free from the tap? Noout wants to create a cleaner world by replacing products with a huge ecological effect with products that are effective, affordable and sustainable.